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Military to Financial Planner Podcast

Oct 19, 2022

Today on the podcast we welcome Brian O’Neill; CFP, and founder of Winged Wealth Management and Financial Planning. Brian launched his firm in early 2021 after retiring from the Air Force with a specific focus on working with military pilots. Brian flew F-16s and F-35s while on active duty, served as Weapons School instructor, and commanded in various roles before finishing his career at Eglin AFB, FL. Winged Wealth Management and Financial Planning began many years ago with an idea that Brian had: In order to get sound financial advice, pilots and the military community shouldn’t have to use a giant financial services company that sells high-priced, high-commission, and often inappropriate financial products. Instead, they deserve sound, fiduciary advice and they should be able to choose how they get it.

I love how his website and marketing are specifically designed to nurture and attract in this sub-niche. Be sure to listen as he shares how his content creation has become a powerful machine through consistency, technical expertise, and speaking the same language as his clients. Brian also talks about the head trash and confidence gap he overcame on both the entrepreneurial journey and household finances side as well as becoming the technical expert in the planning sides. I know you will learn from and be inspired by his story.